An Easter Wake-Up Call

Days after holidays are my favorite Facebook days!
Never get to go to church on Sundays
Because of my work schedule
Got to go to church 4 times last week
It was awesome and did me ALOT of good
Best part was I managed to stay awake
And go to Easter Sunday mass yesterday (early mass)
I was sitting in the back pew
Drifting off just a little when SUDDENLY…..
I was startled by a cold gush of many holy water sprinkles
Splash me from behind and run down my neck
I had not seen Father leave the altar
With that big bucket of ice cold Easter water
Needless to say, Father Darrell took much enjoyment
When he returned to the altar after generously “blessing” us all
It was then that he simply, but proudly confessed…

“THAT…is one of my favorite things I get to do as a priest!”

Susan Mills Carrico12923214_10207731927349804_6045123536555060282_n


Easter Sunday and Wildcat Basketball

…today is the greatest day we know as Christians, the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Churches will be full and families will gather to have dinner and maybe a Easter egg hunt with the kids. It is a wonderful day to celebrate life. As I write this at 6am, I feel a somewhat different than what I just described. Our beloved CATS lost a tough emotional loss last night which I admit caused me to be up this early. I feel heartbroken for the coaches, players and all of BBN because we all wanted that perfect season and to hang #9 in Rupp. I tried to console Conner last night as he took the loss harder than any of us in the Thomas house. He too is emotionally invested In our CATS (at least Jenn and I are doing something right…lol). But as Jesus teaches us it is through dying that we rise…the Pascal Mystery! Wildcat BB has had its ups and downs in my 40+ years here, but it has never been more alive than it is now. The 2014-15 team would never accomplished what it did if we hadn’t lost to U CONN in the final last year…many would have went to the NBA. So today I choose to not hang my head and sulk in defeat but to live in the Resurrection of our Savior…it is Him who gives life and makes enjoying college BB possible! Thank you Lord for giving us this UK team to enjoy this year and bless each and every player as they ponder their future. Help us all to learn the lessons they taught us about being unselfish, helping your brother and servant leadership…the world would be a better place if we could all do as our Wildcat BB team has done! One final thought: Cal once said, “We are not a college BB team, WE ARE COLLEGE BB!” I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday! GO CATS and GO JESUS!!!

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Danny Thomas